Evening News: Top Stories – June 29, 2024


New study confirms pasteurization kills bird flu in milk, easing concerns for consumers [HealthWatch Segment]. However, concerns linger over a supplement linked to potential deaths in Japan, and the FDA warns of a toxin sickening people in multiple states.


The Bank of England issues a warning as millions of households face rising mortgage costs. This comes amidst growing fears of a challenging winter for the NHS https://nhbulletin.us/, regardless of the upcoming general election.


Paramedics in Manchester join a five-day strike as the UK general election looms. Meanwhile, police continue searching for a missing man, with hope dwindling for his survival.


Diamond Shruumz products are recalled after causing illness in 20 states. This raises questions about the safety and regulation of the growing supplement industry.


A heartwarming story emerges as a young girl donates 13 inches of hair to make a wig for cancer patients, potentially setting a new world record.


  • Norwich:┬áMajor objection brings a new twist to the ongoing Debenhams saga.
  • Manchester:┬áBeauty procedures conducted in hotel rooms raise concerns,┬áprompting intervention threats from health officials.


These are just some of the top stories. Local news outlets will have more information on regional happenings. Check your preferred news source for a more comprehensive overview.